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  • Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse

    Agency: Blue Valley Behavioral Health

    Group-focused non-residential services for substance abusing clients who require a more structured or more intensive treatment approach than can be provided in an outpatient program but do not require residential services. Individuals receiving these particular services have been formally assessed and have been diagnosed with either a substance abu...

  • Outpatient Mental Health

    Agency: Blue Valley Behavioral Health

    Short-term outpatient mental health services for people experiencing mental health problems causing acute and/or moderate disruptions in the life of the individual or their family. The outpatient program serves youth, adults, the elderly, persons struggling with severe and persistent mental illness and persons recently discharged from inpatient men...

  • Prevention Counseling

    Agency: Blue Valley Behavioral Health

    Non-residential services on a short-term basis to adults and youth who have been identified as high risk for developing problems related to the use of alcohol and/or other drugs.  Prevention counseling services are intended to prevent or lower the risks of developing substance abuse problems by the participants. 

  • Outpatient Substance Abuse

    Agency: Blue Valley Behavioral Health

    Non-residential level-4 outpatient substance abuse program which provides substance abuse counseling and relapse prevention program.  Services are offered to individuals abusing substances or individuals who have been affected by someone else's use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs.  The availability and accessibility of community-based services a...

  • Youth Assistance

    Agency: Blue Valley Behavioral Health

    Intervention services designed to respond to elementary, middle or high school-age students who have been identified by school personnel as experiencing difficulty in school due to non-academic reasons. These services are not intended to provide treatment for youth, but rather to provide early intervention to minimize the existing risk factors and/...

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