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  • County Corrections/Jail

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Responsible for the detention of individuals charged with various local and state offenses.  Persons arrested and lodged or detained following a court appearance are processed through the Corrections Department.  Persons also serve sentences of one year or less with the Department.Visit website to learn about hours, visitor policies, and more.

  • County Attorney

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Elected public prosecutor for Lancaster County prosecutes those who are accused by the police of violating the state criminal code.  In order to file a criminal case the prosecutor must believe there is sufficient evidence of the accused's guilt to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.Advises county elected officials on legal matters, conducts...

  • Assessor / Register of Deeds

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Assessment of all taxable property (real and personal property).  All depreciable income-producing personal property must be reported to the Assessor prior to May 1st of each year.  Forms are available from the Assessor's office.Homestead Exemption Program relieves eligible property owners of a portion or all of the taxes on their home (including m...

  • Law Enforcement Services

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Law enforcement services including traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, civil process, warrants, extradition, title inspections, and the collection of delinquent taxes.

  • Government Information Line

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Information about city and county offices, and their locations within the building.Offices include:Board of Commissioners 402-441-7447Budget and Fiscal 402-441-7447Clerk of the District Court 402-441-7328Mental Health Crisis Center 402-441-8276 (see separate listing)Cooperative Extension 402-441-7180 (see separate listing)Corrections 402-441-1900 (...

  • Cremation Services

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Cremation (no pre-planning).

  • Disaster Services

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Disaster planning for efficient operations during disasters.Liaison between emergency operations agencies and city-county executives.Maintains the EOC for use at any time.Develops and maintains the city-county warning systems.Trains severe storm spotters and coordinates storm watch operations.Coordinates four-wheel-drive medical personnel transport...

  • Youth Services

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Youth Assessment Center, with families and the community, supports activities that contribute to the safety and well-being of youth involved with the juvenile justice system or at risk of becoming involved in the system.  Goal is to divert youth from the juvenile detention center where possible and when appropriate.  Youth receive comprehensive pre...

  • Veteran Services

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    County level services provide direct emergency economic aid for vital necessities to veterans, their widow, and dependents, according to their needs.  Personal visits for assistance and claims to housebound veterans or dependents.  Must have an honorable or under honorable conditions discharge from active duty or wartime service.  Must be a residen...

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