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  • Case Management and Support Coordination

    Agency: Mosaic

    Assists people with identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and utilizing both paid services and natural supports to enhance their independence, productivity and integration.

  • Day Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Vocational services, supported employment, community participation, habilitation training, or retirement activities for seniors.Examples include community-based vocational training, employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities and other learning activities such as gardening classes, horse back riding, bowling, cooking classes, and crafts. Offe...

  • Residential Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Assisted residential services provides structured supervision, evaluation, and training, independent living and social/recreational skills as prescribed by an Individual Program Plan (IPP). Homes are located in residential neighborhoods where clients are active members of neighborhoods and communities. Staff is available to provide 24-hour supervis...

  • Employment Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Supported employment provides vocational services which promote and support inclusion within the community. Encourages and assists people in obtaining jobs in the community or running their own small business. The focus is on assessing interest, job placement, and job coaching.Job coaching provides training for clients to perform job tasks to the e...

  • Disability Services (Western Iowa)

    Agency: Mosaic

    Habilitation services (Council Bluffs).Intermittent home based services to individuals with mental illness (Council Bluffs).Host home services within a 150 mile radius of Logan.24 hour intermediate care facility and 24 hour home and community based services for individuals with intellectual disabilities  (Logan).24 hour intermediate care facility f...

  • Children's Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Children's Services are provided to people under the age of 21. Supports may include residential services, supported/intermittent, host home, day services, transitional services, special education or early intervention.Children's Extensive Services focus on supporting families by providing respite care and community connector services to children l...

  • Supported Residential Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Intermittent services to maintain or increase independent living skills. For people who live in their own apartments, staff provide personalized supports including assistance with banking, grocery shopping, medical appointments and accessing their communities. The amount of support is guided in partnership with staff and is documented in the Indivi...

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