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  • Cremation Assistance

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    May provide financial assistance for the cremation of remains of any person who dies within the geographic boundaries of Sarpy County or who has legal settlement in the County. Payments may be authorized to any mortuary within Sarpy County, if the estate of the decedent and/or financial resources of the responsible relative(s), as defined by Nebras...

  • Disaster Services

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Emergency preparedness and education, warning communications, disaster recovery planning, disaster operation organization in times of disaster.

  • Diversion Services

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Provides education and rehabilitative services to first time DUI/DWI offenders in Sarpy County.

    Juvenile Intake Diversion Services provide education classes and rehabilitative services for first time juvenile offenders.

    Alcohol and drug prevention and education.

    Teen Court program - trial by peers for first time juv...

  • Medical Indigent Program

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Provides medical assistance to those persons residing in Sarpy County who are considered to be medically destitute. The program’s purpose is to assist eligible persons who have been hospitalized for a life threatening or life trauma situation. Persons applying for this program must have their physician and/or the medical facility contact the Sarpy ...

  • County Jail

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    County jail.

  • Law Enforcement Agency

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    County law enforcement.

    D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).

    G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training).

    Neighborhood Watch programs.

    Crime Stoppers.

  • Governmental Services

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Administration 593-2347
    Assessors and Appraiser 593-2122
    Building and Planning Inspector 593-2315
    Child Support Lawyer 593-5774
    County Attorney 593-2230
    County Clerk 593-5957
    Clerk of the District Court 593-2262
    Election Commissioner  593-2167
    Highway Department 537-6900
    Jail  593-4307
    Juvenile Cour...

  • Coordinated Entry Access Point

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Access point for the community's homeless response system.  Individuals and families who are at imminent risk of homelessness (with no house, apartment, etc. to stay tonight) will complete an assessment and receive help to find housing options.

  • Financial Assistance

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Financial assistance provided through this program may include rent, board and room, utilities, and non-food vouchers. Out-of-County transportation is provided in certain situations. Assistance is limited to those persons in Sarpy County between the ages of nineteen and sixty-four who are not eligible for other public assistance and/or do not have ...

  • Crime Victim Support

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Aids crime victims in locating assistance.

    Information and orientation of the criminal justice system.

    Information on status of cases.

    Referrals to social service agencies.

    Assistance with filings of victim impact statements.

    Help with filing for restitution, domestic abuse orders, harassment o...

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