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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

    Agency: Iowa Center for Children's Justice

    Offers the following dispute resolution services: Mediation - Mediation can be a less expensive alternative to litigation. Typically mediation occurs between both parents and a neutral mediator.  Parenting Coordination - Parenting coordination is a child-centered option for resolving common or day-to-day conflicts between divorced parents. Not only...

  • Divorce Workshops for Children

    Agency: Iowa Center for Children's Justice

    Divorce workshops for children help kids involved in divorce cases understand what is happening between their parents while teaching them ways to cope with the changes that come with divorce.

  • Legal Representation for Children

    Agency: Iowa Center for Children's Justice

    Appointed by the court to represent children in high-conflict divorce or custody matters. Attorneys work one-on-one with children to listen, support, and advocate for child-focused resolutions. The main focus is to understand the desires of the children and to have them communicated to the court during custody cases to help achieve a child-focused ...

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