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  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Admissions conducts assessments, identifies treatment needs, identifies the least restrictive treatment environment, and transfers individuals to that setting in the least amount of time.  The program is designed to conduct thorough psychological evaluations and physical exams, and to begin a medication and treatment regime.    

    Forensic Mental Health Services (FMHS) provides a 128-bed male treatment facility which serves the State of Nebraska for individuals mainly involved in the legal system.  It is comprised of two distinct programs, listed below:   

    Sexual Offenders Community Residential Program provides comprehensive treatment to individuals who demonstrate a pattern of sexually deviant behavior.  The 85-bed male patient population includes convicted sex offenders who are offered treatment and patients committed by a mental health board.  In addition, five of the beds are for female sex offenders.  Aftercare services are also provided for individuals who have successfully completed the treatment program and are reintegrating into the community.   

    The Whitehall Program for adolescents who have sexually offended provides residential levels of care. Referrals are accepted for males ages 12-18. The program is family-centered and community-based. The program is located near the Wesleyan University campus and in the community. Contact the program by calling 402-471-6969.   

    Forensic Psychiatric Services provides a 43 beds, evaluation and assessments for individuals as ordered by the Nebraska legal court systems.

    • Lincoln Regional Center
      Main Phone: (402) 479-5207
      Admissions Coordinator: (402) 479-5440
      Fax: (402) 479-5591
      West Prospector Place and Folsom
      Lincoln, NE 68509

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Languages Available: Interpreters available

    Intake: See narrative

    Eligibility: Legally committed by Mental Health Board or courts, or admitted for custody evaluation

    Hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours

    Areas Served:

    - Inpatient Mental Health Facilities

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