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  • Military Services

    Agency: Selective Service System

    SELECTIVE SERVICE SYSTEM and the registration requirement for America's young men provide our Nation with a structure and a system of guidelines which will provide the most prompt, efficient, and equitable draft possible, if the country should need it. Registration is a way government keeps a list of names of men from which to draw in case of a national emergency requiring rapid expansion of our Armed Forces. By registering all young men, the Selective Service ensures that a future draft will be fair and equitable HOW TO REGISTER: any post offices, high schools may have the form, by mail (Selective Service System, Registration Information Office, P.O. Box 94638, Palatine, IL 60094-4638) and online at

    • Selective Service System
      Main Phone : (847) 688-6888
      Other : (847) 688-2567
      National Toll Free: (888) 655-1825
      Selective Services System Data Management Center
      Palatine, IL 60094

    Agency: Selective Service System

    Languages Available: English, others by request

    Fees: None

    Intake: Call for services

    Eligibility: Males 18-25 (U.S. citizens; non- U.S. citizen who has been resident of U.S. for more than 30 years)

    Documents Required: Call for details

    Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am- 4 pm CST, except federal holidays

    Areas Served:

    - Military Records

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