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    Agency: Iowa Legal Aid

    04/13/2020 - COVID-19 Changes:
    COVID-19 Legal Information Hotline that Iowa Legal Aid developed in partnership with the Iowa State Bar Association and the Polk County Volunteer Lawyer Project is going live tomorrow. The Hotline number is 1 (800) 332-0419. Iowans who have questions or who are experiencing legal problems due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 public health crisis now have an easy way to get legal advice. The Iowa COVID-19 Legal Information Hotline is a free service available to Iowans who are experiencing legal issues due to the COVID-19 emergency. Iowa Legal Aid is hosting the hotline and working closely with the Iowa State Bar Association and the Polk County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, to get all Iowans access to the key legal information and advice they need during this crisis. Iowans experiencing any type of legal problem due to this crisis, such as facing eviction, being denied unemployment benefits, experiencing employment issues, or being a victim of identity theft, can call 1 (800) 332-0419. Callers will leave a message and Iowa Legal Aid staff will call them back to screen them for eligibility. Those who are eligible for Iowa Legal Aid’s free legal services will be connected with one of our attorneys; those who are not eligible for services will be connected with volunteer attorneys through the Iowa State Bar Association and the Polk County Bar Association.

    Free legal assistance with civil legal problems involving basic necessities for low-income individuals in all 99 Iowa counties.  Assistance ranges from providing counsel and advice to representation before various agencies and courts.

    Community legal education presentations offered, as well as over 20 printed booklets on various legal topics; a wide variety of legal education materials are also available on the website.

    Legal services are provided in all civil legal areas, including:
    Consumer/Finance – debt collection, repossession, garnishment, contracts/warranties, predatory lending, and public utilities (including utility disconnection or shut off notices).

    Education – expulsion/suspension, special education, learning disabilities, school fees, access, vocational education, and student financial aid.

    Employment - employment discrimination, wage claims, earned income tax credit, and taxes. 

    Family – adoption, custody, visitation, guardianship, domestic abuse, human trafficking and exploitation, family violence (child abuse, elder abuse, battered women/men), including assistance with restraining orders, and child support.

    Health – Medicaid, Medicare, government children’s health insurance programs, long term health care facilities, nursing homes, supplemental medical insurance, and hospital care.

    Housing – federally subsidized housing, homeownership, real property, landlord/tenant, public housing, mobile homes, housing discrimination, foreclosures, forfeitures, and mortgage predatory lending practices.

    Benefit Programs – ADFC/FIP, Social Security, food stamps, Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), unemployment compensation, veterans benefits, FEMA, government benefits, and utility assistance applications.

    Individual Rights – mental health, disability rights, civil rights, human trafficking, AIDS/HIV issues, assistive devices, and institutional confinement.

    End of Life Planning – wills, living wills, advance directives, and power of attorney.

    Drivers License.

    Advocacy and legal assistance for people with disabilities, people with Alzheimer’s disease, people with brain injury, people with mental illness, children, migrants, and veterans.

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Cedar Rapids
      Main Phone: (319) 364-6108
      Other People using English as a 2nd language: (800) 272-0008
      Other for Iowans 60 and older: (800) 992-8161
      Fax: (319) 364-5871
      Toll-Free: (800) 332-0419
      Human Service Campus Of East Central Iowa
      Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Iowa City
      Main Phone: (319) 351-6570
      Other for Iowans 60 and older: (800) 992-8161
      Fax: (319) 351-0079
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      1700 South First Avenue Suite 10
      Iowa City, IA 52240

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Sioux City
      Fax: (712) 277-2554
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      Business Line: (712) 277-8686
      520 Nebraska Street
      Sioux City, IA 51101

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Council Bluffs
      Main Phone: (712) 328-3982
      Fax: (712) 328-3996
      Toll-Free: (800) 432-9229
      Legal hotline for Iowans over 60: (800) 992-8161
      532 1st Avenue, Suite 300
      Council Bluffs, IA 51503

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Mason City
      Main Phone: (800) 532-1275
      Iowas 60 and over: (800) 992-8161
      520 South Pierce Avenue Suite 212
      Mason City, IA 50401

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Des Moines
      Main Phone: (515) 243-2151
      Toll Free Spanish Line: (800) 272-0008
      Fax: (515) 244-4618
      Intake Line: (800) 532-1275
      1111 9th Street
      Des Moines, IA 50314

    • HELP Regional Office of Iowa Legal Aid
      Fax: (563) 884-4461
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      736 Federal Street, Suite 2309
      Davenport, IA 52803

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Dubuque
      Main Phone: (563) 588-4653
      State Too Free for Iowans 60 and older: (800) 992-8161
      Fax: (563) 588-4656
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      799 Main Street Suite 280
      Dubuque, IA 52001

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Ottumwa
      Main Phone: (641) 683-3166
      State Toll Free Legal Hotline for Iowans over 60: (800) 992-8161
      Fax: (641) 683-3168
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      112 East Third Street
      Ottumwa, IA 52501-2903

    • Iowa Legal Aid - Waterloo
      Main Phone: (319) 235-7008
      State Toll Free for Iowans 60 and older: (800) 992-8161
      Fax: (319) 235-7070
      Toll-Free: (800) 532-1275
      607 Sycamore Suite 304
      Waterloo, IA 50703

    Agency: Iowa Legal Aid

    Languages Available: English, Spanish

    Fees: No fee is charged for services; however, clients may need to pay out-of-pocket costs of representation such as court filing fees

    Intake: Call or walk in

    Eligibility: Iowans who meet income and asset guidelines, based on the size of the household; some in need of assistance, including those who are 60 and older, may be exempt from financial guidelines

    Documents Required: Varies by service

    Areas Served:

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