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  • In-Stream Migrant Support Services

    Agency: Proteus, Inc.

    IN-STREAM MIGRANT program provides emergency support services for the migrant and seasonal farm workers, such as food and car repairs. 

  • Community Response Central Navigation

    Agency: Families 1st Partnership

    Connects youth and families with resources and support.  Navigators have the ability to “fill gaps”, either through helping agencies partner around a common goal, or through flexible funding for needs such as rent, utilities, transportation, and more. Limited funding sometimes available for vehicle repair, minor home repairs and dental work. Commun...

  • Basic Needs Assistance

    Agency: Saint Vincent de Paul, Lincoln Council

    Individuals may call to request assistance for basic life needs, which may include financial assistance for utilities and rent, rent deposit, furniture, prescriptions (non-narcotic), and car repair. If St. Vincent de Paul may be able to assist, a home visit will need to be scheduled.  If St. Vincent de Paul cannot help, the person will receive info...

  • Crisis Assistance

    Agency: Operation Threshold

    Provides crisis assistance to households. Includes utility assistance, rent assistance as well as assistance for incidental items that are needed to attain/maintain employment (car repairs, work clothes, etc.). Amount of crisis assistance available depends upon funding.

  • Angel Car Program

    Agency: Community Action Agency of Siouxland

    Refurbishes and distributes donated autos for the sole purpose of liberating and empowering single parents that are lacking accessible transportation by giving them ownership of their own vehicles.Accepts vehicle donations.

  • Wheels to Work Program - Webster County

    Agency: Upper Des Moines Opportunity Inc

    Offers vehicles for qualified individuals who are working or attending school. Program is offered based upon availability of donated vehicles.

  • Wheels For Work

    Agency: United Way of Greater Fort Dodge

    A United Way program in partnership with Ford Toyota of Fort Dodge that accepts donated cars. Each car is assessed and services to make sure it is safe and good running order. Cars are then donated to be given to an eligible family that is low income and lacks personal transportation. 

  • Wheels for Work

    Agency: United Way of Story County

    Ames Ford and United Way of Story County have partnered to bring Wheels For Work to Story County. Ames Ford accepts donated vehicles, then completes a safety inspection and any necessary repairs. In partnership with United Way of Story County and referral agencies, the Wheels for Work program then selects and donates the vehicle to a family in need...

  • Light Auto Repair

    Agency: Charity Autos

    Light auto repairs for a suggested donation of $20.  Bring in the parts for simple repair work, such as oil change, tune up, brakes, etc.

  • Automobile Loans and Repairs

    Agency: Able Up Iowa

    In addition to purchasing and repairing modified vehicles, we have loans to purchase or repair typical vehicles. If purchasing a vehicle, in addition to borrowing for the purchase, the loan can be used for related expenses, such as vehicle registration fees.

  • One Time Needs Program

    Agency: Blue Valley Community Action Partnership

    Provides financial assistance for unexpected large expenses such as emergency home repair, vehicle repairs and/or employment-related expenses. 

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