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  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Haven House Family Services Center

    Family violence crisis line provides support 24/7.Domestic violence, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Sex Trafficking supportEmergency shelter.Emergency transportation.Protection order assistance, criminal justice/legal advocacy, and medical advocacy.Peer support groups.Child advocacy.Counseling or counseling referrals for survivors of domestic violen...

  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking services

    Agency: Willow Rising

    Services for domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking clients include:--24 hour emergency and support services for victims of family violence and sexual assaultShelter--Emergency and support transportation--Medical assistance--Food and clothing--Court support and advocacySupport groups:--Adult Violence Survivor Support Group in Engli...

  • Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Children and Families of Iowa (CFI)

    Provides comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence. Services include shelters for those affected by domestic violence and Outreach Services. Shelter location is confidential and not available to the general public. Outreach Services include counseling, court assistance and public education and presentations. Services also include supp...

  • Emergency/ Crisis Services, Intervention, Education/ Prevention

    Agency: Center for Survivors

    Services for victims of domestic assault, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, and human trafficking.Crisis counseling, 24 hour hotline, safe shelter, and support groups.Support services include financial assistance and advocacy.Prevention and education materials.Children's program, including information on bullying and a support group.

  • Crisis Intervention and Support Services

    Agency: Bridge The

    Support related to domestic violence and sexual assault.  Services include a 24 hours crisis line, emergency shelter, emergency transportation, and crisis intervention.  Education and support, including support groups, for survivors, abusers, and children.Referrals for legal and medical help and assistance with protection orders.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention

    Agency: Domestic/Sexual Assault Outreach Center

    DSAOC is a crisis based shelter that offers a host of assistance to victims and their children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, stalking and violent crimes. DSAOC shelter services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Services within the shelter are all free of charge, confidential and supports the survivor's ability to once a...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Parent-Child Center

    Emergency Shelter.Safety Planning.Legal advocacy. Criminal justice Support.Medical advocacy. Information and referral. Protection order Assistance.Emergency Financial Aid.Emergency Transportation.Support group.Education and Information.Vine information and Assistance.Emotional support during rape exams and police interviews.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Bright Horizons

    Crisis line available 24 hours.Advocacy for individuals.Support groups for adults and children.  Adult classes offered in English and Spanish.Shelter for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.Criminal and civil justice and legal advocacy.Protection order application assistance.Referrals to community supports.Community education regarding d...

  • Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault Services

    Agency: Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault Services

    Crisis intervention and support for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.Crisis line available 24 hours.Emergency shelter, food, transportation, and limited financial assistance.Advocacy for medical, legal, and economic needs.Information and referrals.Public awareness and community education programs.Resource ...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Rape/Domestic Abuse Program

    Emergency shelter available short term to survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.Support groups for adults and children affected by abuse; call for times and location.Assistance with protection orders and referrals for financial and material assistance.Community educator provides education on violence, bullying, etc.

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

    Agency: Hope Crisis Center

    Temporary emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and accompanying children. Emergency needs such as food and clothing can be provided while in shelter, if needed.24 hour crisis line provides support, info and confidential emergency services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Client advocacy is available to help support individuals ...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: SAFE Center, The

    Emergency shelter.Immediate crisis support to abuse victims and their families.Counseling for individuals.Education and information on dynamics of abuse and violence.Information on legal alternatives.Protection order assistance.Community education programs. Referrals for all needed servicesSupport groups for women and children.

  • Regulatory Agency

    Agency: Department of Inspections and Appeals

    A multi-faceted regulatory agency responsible for licensing and regulating health care providers, including long-term care facilities, assisted living programs, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices. DIA also inspects and licenses restaurants and grocery stores, hotels and motels, bingo parlors, and games of skill or chance.NURSING HOME / IN HO...

  • Consumer Protection

    Agency: Nebraska Attorney General's Office - Consumer Protection Division

    Consumer protection related educational information useful to consumers dealing with companies utilizing deceptive business practices such as fraud, identity theft, and senior fraud.Complaints can be registered against particular sellers of goods and services.Consumer mediation.Presentations to the community on fraud, identity theft, senior citizen...

  • Domestic Violence Information and Referrals

    Agency: Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence provides training, counseling, community outreach, program management, and technical support for the member programs, professionals and community. Administers 7 programs, including but not limited to State Certification of Domestic Violence Programs and Advocates, Legal Assistance for victims, and a rural Am...

  • Educational Courses

    Agency: Charles Drew Health Center, Inc.

    Health education and training to participants, health and social service providers, and the community at large.  Includes nutrition education, infant CPR, breastfeeding, and pregnancy education.Courses related to maternal/child health, anger management, intimate partner violence, healthy relationships, money management, job readiness, and more.Comm...

  • Dallas County Courts

    Agency: Dallas County Offices

    Offers court services to Dallas and Guthrie County.Juvenile Court Services offers intake, probation services, Restorative Justice Program, in-home and out of home placement services for those under the jurisdiction of Juvenile Court Services. (The Adel office covers Dallas and Guthrie counties. Other offices located in Winterset and Creston supervi...

  • Juvenile Court

    Agency: Juvenile Court Services - Polk County

    Polk County Juvenile Court Services has jurisdiction to inquire into and to make certain statutory dispositions of cases of delinquent children. Serious cases are handled by formal court hearings and orders. Less serious cases are handled by counseling, informal adjustment or diversion to other public or private services. Children held in detention...

  • Educational Classes

    Agency: National Safety Council, Nebraska

    Making Appropriate Decisions deals with juveniles beginning to get into trouble with schools, family, and community.  Adult life reality program.  Alcohol education.  DUI offender education class.  Anger management classes for adults.  Life Skills classes.Defensive driving classes for adults and juveniles.  Babysitting class for 11-15 year olds.  F...

  • Prevention and Diversion Programs

    Agency: Ellipsis

    Offers in-home family therapy and community support services to help keep children out of the juvenile court system and with their families. Provides assessments and appropriate behavioral health therapy services tto address any mental health diagnosis. Treatment can assist individuals with addressing emotions, behaviors and functioning issues in t...

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