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  • Discrimination Assistance

    Agency: Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission

    5/6/2020 - COVID-19 Changes:
    Though we are living through unprecedented times, employment non-discrimination laws still apply. OSHA has recommended safe work place standards in response to COVID-19, including guidance on social distancing and Personal Protective Equipment use. It is more important than ever to follo...

  • Discrimination Assistance

    Agency: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION investigates employment discrimination cases for individuals who are employed in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

  • Discrimination Assistance

    Agency: Lincoln Commission on Human Rights

    Receives and investigates complaints of discrimination due to race, color, sex, national origin, disabilities, religion, age, familial or marital status, ancestry, and retaliation.

    Investigates equal employment, fair housing, and public accommodations complaints, and if the evidence supports a cause finding, addresses remedies for the si...

  • Working Women's Helpline

    Agency: 9 to 5 National Association of Working Women

    Helpline for working women who are experiencing problems in the workplace.  Information is available on sexual harassment, workplace assault, age, race, pregnancy, sex and religious discrimination, family medical leave, and other workplace problems.

  • Discrimination Assistance

    Agency: City of Dubuque

    04/13/2020 - COVID-19 Changes:
    Working on securing space for shelters to quarantine individuals who may be showing signs or symptoms and/or positive for virus. Able to mobilize a temporary shelter within 8 hours of notification. Using guidelines from Health Department for mobilization of temporary shelter.

  • Disability Rights Information and Advocacy

    Agency: Disability Rights Nebraska

    Protection of individuals with disabilities when their civil and human rights are denied, especially those who are most vulnerable or who learn, live, or work in isolated, segregated, or congregated settings.

    Legal advocacy, investigation, and representation to eligible persons whose disability related cases meet priorities set by our Bo...

  • Constitutional/Civil Rights Groups

    Agency: Cedar Falls Human Rights Commission

    Primary responsibility is to receive and provide confidential investigation and conciliation of complaints alleging unlawful discriminatory practices.

  • Advocacy Services - African American Affairs

    Agency: Iowa Department of Human Rights

    IOWA COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF AFRICAN AMERICANS' works to promote and improve the quality of life for African-American Iowans through studying the changing needs and recommending programs, services, policies, legislation, and actions to the Governor and General Assembly that cultivate and progress the Status of African-Americans.

  • Advocacy Services - Native American Affairs

    Agency: Iowa Department of Human Rights

    OFFICE OF NATIVE AMERICAN AFFAIRS exists to serve as a liaison to federal, state, and local government and private organizations on behalf of tribes consisting of Native American tribes in the state. Executive Officer works with Governor appointed Commissioners from various tribes.

  • Human Relations Commission

    Agency: City of Ames

    Receives, investigates, and determines the merits of discrimination complaints within the city of Ames

  • Constitutional/Civil Rights Groups

    Agency: Iowa City Human Rights Office

    The Human Rights Commission is responsible for enforcing the City's Human Rights Ordinance which prohibits discrimination in the areas of employment, education, housing, public accommodations and credit. Enforcement duties include investigating discrimination complaints and determining the merits or the allegations. If discrimination has been found...

  • Constitutional/Civil Rights Group- Sioux City

    Agency: Iowa-Nebraska National Association for the Advancement of Colored People


  • Disability Rights Nebraska

    Agency: Buffalo County Citizen Advocacy

    Recruits and supports citizens to act as advocates to speak out for and support those with developmental disabilities in long-term, one-on-one relationships.

  • Civil Rights Group

    Agency: Anti-Defamation League

    Civil rights/human relations agency fighting anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry.

    Monitors hate crimes and hate incidents.

    Anti-bias and diversity training for businesses, schools, and law enforcement professionals.

    Civil rights complaints and response.

    Interfaith relations.

    Hate crimes vict...

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    NAACP - Sioux City advocates for civil rights in the Sioux City community, conducts voter mobilization,
    partners with local businesses, mentors youth of color, and monitors equal opportunity in the public
    and private sectors.