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  • Poison Control

    Agency: Iowa Poison Control Center

    Provides 24 hour immediate treatment advice for poison emergencies. Provides information about poisons and poison prevention. Can assist with questions regarding household products, chemicals at work or in the environment, drugs (prescription, over the counter, herbal, illegal, or animal medicines), snake bites, spider bites, and plant and mushroom...

  • Poison Center

    Agency: Illinois Poison Center

    Emergency information helpline for the public and healthcare providers.  Offers general information and/or treatment advice regarding exposure to potentially harmful substances.  Provides immediate first aid and treatment information and referrals, and performs follow-ups in many cases.  Poison prevention information, outreach, and poison preventio...

  • Poison Control

    Agency: Nebraska Regional Poison Center

    Registered Nurses and Pharmacists answer questions concerning poisonings by any route, medication interactions and side effects, and medication identification.  Emergency advice on managing poisonous exposures.  Educational materials on poison prevention.

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