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  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Box Butte General Hospital

    Hospital services.Immunization clinic provides state required immunizations free of charge; call for appointment.Meals on Wheels for Alliance residents who are shut in at home or physically unable to obtain food or prepare it for themselves.Financial assistance for medical bills through the Charity Care program if income guidelines are met and othe...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Pocahontas County Offices


  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Pocahontas County Public Health Department

    Pocahontas County Public Health provides public health services including emergency preparedness, communicable disease control, water testing, public swimming pool inspections, restaurant inspections, childhood immunizations, lead poisoning prevention, tuberculosis prevention, and tobacco prevention.

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

    Communicable disease surveillance, investigation and containment of contagious illnesses.Emergency preparedness, disaster relief and emergency planning.Wellness services assists area businesses and/or individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles through education and/or wellness activities.Diabetes prevention program offers healthy lifestyle classes foc...

  • Student Health Program

    Agency: Iowa State University

    Student Health is a full-service health center staffed with physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and trained healthcare professionals available for primary health care needs.

  • University Health Center

    Agency: University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    Basic health maintenance and comprehensive health care for University of Nebraska students.  Offers outpatient services and acute care or emergency services.  Services include an allergy injection clinic, birth control information and counseling, dental office, dermatology clinic, diet and nutrition information and counseling, drug education progra...

  • Community Health

    Agency: Scotts Bluff County Health Department

    Community health nursing and education.  Home visits.  Workplace wellness programs.  Health education.Immunization clinics, blood pressure screening/monitoring, tuberculosis testingCommunicable disease investigation and control.  Disease surveillance.Emergency response and planning, bio-terror/emergency response.

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: South Heartland District Health Department

    Public health emergency preparedness.Disease surveillance (responsibility shared with NHHSS)a. School surveillance - absenteeism counts are collected weeklyb. West Nile Virus - dead bird collection and testing and mosquito trapping and testingc. Rabies monitoring in animals and investigate potential human exposuresd. Other community health threats,...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Taylor County Public Health

    Provides the following services: home health care (skilled nursing, home care aids, homemakers), immunizations, dental services, prenatal education, new baby home visits, lead poisoning prevention, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Also provides communicable disease information and control. 

  • Immunizations and Communicable Disease Information

    Agency: Warren County Health Services

    Offers immunization clinics and flu shots. Also provides information about communicable diseases. 

  • Public Informatics and Planning

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Promotes environmental and personal health through health promotion, disease detection, disease prevention, education and regulation.  In cooperation with community resources, assists the community and the citizens to assume responsibility for their individual health and the health of the community. This is accomplished through assessment of the he...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Mary Greeley Medical Center

    Provides Public Health Services for Story County, contracted by the Story County Board of Public Health. Services include emergency healthcare preparedness planning and prevention, response and recover to healthcare disasters, communicable disease prevention, immunization programs and Tuberculosis Control.

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Page County Public Health

    Offers public health emergency preparedness, Alert Iowa notification, oral health screenings, disease surveillance and investigation, health education, homemaker services, immunications, lead poinsoning prevention screenings and assessment, maternal health education, tobacco use prevention and control, blood pressure checks and tuberculosis screeni...

  • Communicable Disease Control

    Agency: Calhoun County Public Health Department

    Public Health Includes but not limited tocommunicable disease, follow-up, and control. A-Z Public Health Directory Board of Health Contact Us Community Resources Health Information Modernizing

  • Disease Prevention

    Agency: Marion County Public Health Department

    Disease Prevention, Community Health Planning and Communicable Disease Control are services provided by the Marion County Public Health Department. MCPH examines the demographic and health statistics of Marion County and local opinions to determine public health needs for county health planning. 

  • Audubon County Public Health Nursing

    Agency: Audubon County Offices

    Public Health Nursing The promotion and maintenance of health The prevention of disease and disability Comprehensive care of the sick and disabled in the home Collaboration and coordination with other groups in developing and implementing community health programs Contribution to knowledge which would effect improvements in community health practic...

  • Immunization and vaccines

    Agency: Lyon County Iowa Offices

    Immunization The goal of the immunization program is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases by working in conjunction with the public and private health care providers throughout the state.   vaccines to 'children who meet the qualifications of the VFC (Vaccine for Children) program and ha...

  • Communicable Disease Control

    Agency: Louisa County Public Health

    Provides communicable disease follow-up, education, and prevention to control the spread of infection and illness.

  • Communicable Disease Control

    Agency: Scott County Health Department

    Epidemiological follow-up and education over the phone and in-person on a variety of communicable and/or infectious diseases such as pertussis, mumps, measles, rubella, meningitis, and hepatitis.  Educational presentations can be done for professionals, paraprofessionals, or the general public.

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