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  • Basic Needs Assistance

    Agency: Hampton Township

    Financial assistance for rent and utilities, food, and personal/household items.

  • Emergency Assistance

    Agency: Port Byron Township

    Emergency assistance for food, utilities and rent, including General Assistance.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Sac County Offices

    General Assistance for eligible county residents including rent, utilities, food pantry, medical expense, and gas.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Montgomery County Offices

    Rent and utilities assistance may be available.Indigent burial assistance (cremation).Payee services for Social Security/Disability recipients which uses funds to pay rent, utilities, nursing home.  Assigned by courts or Social Security Administration.Emergency food assistance (works through local food pantries).

  • Cass County General Relief Assistance

    Agency: Cass County Offices

    Provides assistance to residents who are needy and poor and in need of immediate assistance and who cannot obtain assistance from any other source. Recipients must be at least 18 years of age and meet current income and resource guidelines.Assistance may be provided for rent, utilities, or indigent burial, to name a few. A voucher system is utilize...

  • Greene County General Assistance

    Agency: Greene County Offices

    Offers assistance to residents of the Greene County to remove barriers to self-sufficiency and economic self-support.Services are provided in payment for such needs as rent, food, utilities, and county burials.  Recipients must meet certain income guidelines. A General Assistance application may be downloaded online at:

  • Guthrie County Veterans Affairs

    Agency: Guthrie County Offices

    **Temporarily closed as of 9/20/2022.  If you need assistance with federal VA benefits, please call (800) 827-1000.**Provides assistance to all eligible Veterans discharged from active military service under honorable conditions and/or their family members in applying for federal benefits and other Veteran’s aid. Can also assist with some emergency...

  • General Services

    Agency: Sioux County Offices

    Offers programs for county residents who meet certain income and resource guidelines including general assistance such as rent, utilities, provisions for food and nonfood items, emergency medical and dental services, and funeral expenses. Also includes legal services when funding is available. 

  • Veteran Services

    Agency: Veterans Affairs Regional Office

    VETERANS AFFAIRS REGIONAL OFFICE offers disability compensation, retirement benefits and pension payments, rehabilitation benefits, guaranteed home loans, information and claims assistance for all VA benefits.

  • Financial Assistance

    Agency: Rock Island Township

    General assistance is provided to single men and women and married couples without children.  Program provides monthly financial assistance for basic maintenance needs including shelter, utilities, food, household supplies, and clothing; maximum monthly benefit is $312, with $200 for rent.Emergency assistance offers up to $400, one time only, for r...

  • General Relief

    Agency: Pottawattamie County Offices

    Rent, utility, or medication assistance. Past due rent/utilities are NOT assisted. Current grant allows for deposit and/or first month's rent. Does not assist anyone eligible or receiving FIP. Repayment agreement is required. Agency of last resort - need to contact all other agencies first.Interim Disability Program assists adults who are 100% disa...

  • Community Services

    Agency: Dickinson County Offices

    General Assistance provides limited funding for assistance for rent, utilities, and some medical expenses. Also accepts applications for county funding for mental health services.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Mills County Public Health

    Emergency rent and utility assistance. Burial assistance for indigent clients.

  • Financial Assistance

    Agency: Bowling Township

    Financial assistance to qualifying persons residing in the township for rent, utilities, medical expenses, and transportation expense.  General Assistance is available to those who qualify.  Emergency assistance is available one time only, and FEMA funds may also be available.

  • Financial Assistance

    Agency: Moline Township

    General Assistance to qualified applicants who live within the Township boundaries.  Applicants must be in the process of applying for Social Security or have lost a job and searching for employment. Assistance includes help with rent, utilities, basic medical/dental expense, food, and bus tickets.Emergency Assistance to qualified applicants who li...

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Scotts Bluff County Offices

    Assistance with rent, utilities, prescriptions, and medical bills.Cremation assistance when there are no responsible relatives or adequate resources.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: York County Offices

    Assists with utilities (if shut off notice is provided), rent (if eviction notice is provided), cremation, etc., to those who meet income guidelines.

  • Medical and Financial Assistance

    Agency: Kimball County Offices

    Financial assistance for rent (no deposits), utilities (no deposits), prescription and medical bills, and burial assistance.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Clinton County Offices

    General assistance offers emergency rent and utility assistance; limited assistance with dental care, emergency prescriptions and medical expenses; burial assistance; and food assistance.

  • Page County General Relief

    Agency: West Central Community Action

    Financial assistance for rent, utilities, and prescriptions. (Financial Services offered through Salvation Army)

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