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  • Hamilton County General Assistance

    Agency: Hamilton County Iowa Offices

    Offers assistance to those in need with rent, utilities, food, shelter, medical expenses and burial expense assistance. Must meet eligibility guidelines.

  • Warren County General Assistance

    Agency: Warren County Offices

    Provides services which include a food pantry, rental assistance, car gas for job searching, utility assistance, medical, dental and prescription assistance. May also provide information and referral for such needs.

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Montgomery County Offices

    Rent and utilities assistance may be available.Indigent burial assistance (cremation).Payee services for Social Security/Disability recipients which uses funds to pay rent, utilities, nursing home.  Assigned by courts or Social Security Administration.Emergency food assistance (works through local food pantries).

  • Cass County General Relief Assistance

    Agency: Cass County Offices

    Provides assistance to residents who are needy and poor and in need of immediate assistance and who cannot obtain assistance from any other source. Recipients must be at least 18 years of age and meet current income and resource guidelines.Assistance may be provided for rent, utilities, or indigent burial, to name a few. A voucher system is utilize...

  • Guthrie County General Assistance

    Agency: Guthrie County Offices

    **Temporarily closed as of 9/20/2022.  If you need help with general relief, please call (641) 454-5651.**Provides emergency assistance for basic needs to county residence. Basic needs assistance includes rent and utility bill help, food, medical services (emergency dental extraction or prescriptions), transportation (fuel) and burial assistance (a...

  • Van Buren County General Assistance

    Agency: Van Buren County Offices

    Provides assistance on a temporary basis for a limited time for basic needs that may include rent/lot rent; interest on mortgage, utilities-gas, electric, water; food vouchers for clients who are unable to work.  Cannot be on Subsidized Housing, a student, receive Social Security, or a Veteran.

  • Greene County General Assistance

    Agency: Greene County Offices

    Offers assistance to residents of the Greene County to remove barriers to self-sufficiency and economic self-support.Services are provided in payment for such needs as rent, food, utilities, and county burials.  Recipients must meet certain income guidelines. A General Assistance application may be downloaded online at:

  • General Assistance - Chickasaw Co.

    Agency: Northeast Iowa Community Action Corporation

    Offers Chickasaw County residents emergency financial help with rent, utilities, food, burial/cremation assistance, 1-3 month supply of prescription medications and gas for medical appointment transportation. 

  • General Services

    Agency: Sioux County Offices

    Offers programs for county residents who meet certain income and resource guidelines including general assistance such as rent, utilities, provisions for food and nonfood items, emergency medical and dental services, and funeral expenses. Also includes legal services when funding is available. 

  • Story County General Assistance

    Agency: Story County Offices

    Story County General Assistance provides emergency assistance for low-income and indigent individuals and families in Story County. May assist eligible persons with items such as rent, utilities, burial assistance, food vouchers, prescription drugs, and other basic needs on a case-by-case basis. Transportation for transient individuals may be avail...

  • Veteran Services - Wayne Co.

    Agency: Veterans Affairs Regional Office

    WAYNE COUNTY VETERANS AFFAIRS provides assistance to wartime veterans and their spouses with emergency basic needs such as medical expense, shelter, food, utilities, burial cost and special needs. Also helps with applying for compensation, pension, retirement benefits and widow's benefits and obtaining military records.

  • Washington County Veteran Affairs

    Agency: Washington County Offices

    Provides assistance to veterans with utilities, rent, mortgage interest, funeral, burial expenses, and grave markers; assists Veterans apply for compensation and pension programs.

  • Senior Services

    Agency: Jewish Social Services

    Full service home for aged.Intermediate and skilled nursing care.Supportive counseling for senior citizens and families.Information and referral.Emergency assistance and crisis intervention.Kosher meals on wheels.Health and dental screening.Continuing education Jewish funeral assistance.Transportation to medical appointments, group service programs...

  • Winnebago County Veterans Affairs

    Agency: Winnebago County Offices

    Assists veterans in applying for federal and state benefits including disability compensation, pension, healthcare and burial benefits. There is also a limited amount of county assistance for utilities, rent, etc.

  • Wright County Veteran Services

    Agency: Wright County Offices

    Provides assistance to veterans with utilities, rent, mortgage interest, funeral, burial expenses, and grave markers; assists Veterans apply for compensation and pension programs. 

  • Worth County Veteran Services

    Agency: Worth County Offices

    Provides assistance to veterans with utilities, rent, mortgage interest, funeral, burial expenses, and grave markers; assists Veterans apply for compensation and pension programs.

  • Veteran Services

    Agency: Polk County Commission of Veterans Affairs

    POLK COUNTY COMMISSION OF VETERANS AFFAIRS assists Polk County honorably discharged veterans, their wives, widows, and dependent childrenFINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for basic necessities such as rent or house payments, utilities and food. Assistance may also be provided for glasses and funeral expensesAPPLICATIONS/ADMISSIONS into Iowa Veterans Home in Mar...

  • Polk County General Assistance

    Agency: Polk County Iowa Offices

    General Assistance provides temporary assistance for basic or special needs to low income persons who reside in Polk County.RENTAL ASSISTANCE (Potential First Month's Rent Assistance as well) may be available to those in need. For First Month's Rent - Must be able to prove the following - property must have a valid housing certificate, must be able...

  • Financial Assistance

    Agency: Jasper County Community Services

    JASPER COUNTY GENERAL ASSISTANCE provides temporary assistance to very low income Jasper County residents who are ineligible for or awaiting approval from Federal or State assistance programs.This assistance is provided in the form of a loan. Limited funds are also available for crisis situations only. Rent • Utilities • Medications • Burial • If y...

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Madison County Community Services

    Provides support of low income individuals and families, that includes assistance with rent, utilities, medication, medical assistance, cremation assistance and some work related transportation expense assistance.

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