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  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: Polk County Department of Community, Family and Youth Services

    04/07/2020 - COVID -19 Changes:
    Polk County is hiring people for $20-$25/hr to assist at the quarantine center for homeless or other that don't have quarantine options at the fairgrounds.
    No medical experience needed. 515-229-1215


  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center

    CRISIS INTERVENTION & ADVOCACY CENTER services range from crisis intervention counseling, legal, medical and/or personal advocacy, safe shelter and safety planning, transitional and emergency housing, community education and outreach. CIAC staff and volunteers will travel to meet victims in order to accommodate their needs. Advocacy is provided wit...

  • Crime Victim and Offender Services

    Agency: Community Justice Center

    Crime victim support message boards provide crime victims a safe, web-based support service that allows them to share their feelings.  These messages are also used during the Offenders/Victims Impact Classes.  Empathy and life skills classes available for offenders.

    Crime prevention information.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Haven House Family Services Center

    Family violence crisis line provides support 24/7.

    Emergency shelter.

    Emergency transportation.

    Protection order assistance, criminal justice/legal advocacy, and medical advocacy.

    Peer support groups.

    Child advocacy.

    Counseling or counseling referrals for survivors of domestic violen...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Voices of Hope


    4-21-2020 COVID-19 Update:

    At Voices of Hope, we are committed to serving and empowering those who have experienced relationship violence, sexual assault and abuse. 
    Voices of Hope is modifying services to take into account the health and safety of our clien...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Friendship Home, Inc.

    4-21-2020 COVID-19 Update:

    If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, our crisis line is available 24 hours a day, by calling 402-437-9302. 
    During this challenging time, Friendship Home wants to assure those in Lincoln and Lancaster County that we are continuing to provide crisi...

  • Domestic Violence Hotline

    Agency: Domestic Violence Intervention Program

    04/07/2020-COVID-19 Changes:

    Corrected link:
    24/7 Hotline: 800-373-1043

    A 24 hour hotline is answered by staff and volunteers to provide information, support, and referrals. 

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Spouse Abuse Sexual Assault Crisis Center (SASA), Inc

    Crisis intervention services and an emergency confidential domestic violence shelter..

    24 hour crisis line.

    Assistance with protection orders, legal and medical advocacy.

    Support groups for women and children who are victims/witnesses of domestic violence.

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program

    Agency: Catholic Charities - Council Bluffs

    Residential shelter for up to 24 abused women and their children.

    Individual and group counseling.

    Assistance in filling out forms for protective orders and accompany to legal civil and criminal court.

    Domestic abuse group,  Journey Beyond Abuse, meets every Thursday from 6:30 pm-8 pm with child care provided; call ...

  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services

    Agency: Crisis Center, Inc.

    Services for domestic violence clients include:
    24 hour emergency and support services for victims of family violence and sexual assault
    Emergency and support transportation
    Medical assistance
    Food and clothing
    Court support and advocacy

    Support groups:
    Adult Rape Survivors Support Group

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program

    Agency: Heartland Family Service

    Domestic violence and sexual assault services including emergency shelter and transitional living arrangements, support groups, counseling, life skills training, children's group, food, clothing, personal items, medical and legal advocacy, and therapy.

  • Domestic Violence Support Group

    Agency: Southwest Iowa Holly's Hope

    Support group meets to talk about issues including substance abuse, ongoing violence, or issues with the abuser, children, housing, work, etc.  Each member is given a journal and given affirmations that they are encouraged to select from to focus on during the intervening weeks.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program

    Domestic violence hotline available 24 hours.

    Emergency shelter for victims.

    Crisis counseling service, legal advocacy, and crisis advocacy.

    Support groups for victims.

    Other services provided to domestic violence victims include food, transportation, and limited financial help for rent and utilities.

  • Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Children and Families of Iowa (CFI)

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SERVICES (formerly know as the FAMILY VIOLENCE CENTER) provides comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence. Services include shelters for those affected by domestic violence and Outreach Services. Shelter location is confidential and not available to the general public. Outreach Services include counseling, court assi...

  • Sexual Abuse and Domestic Abuse and Violent Crime Services

    Agency: ACCESS (Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support)

    ACCESS provides free and confidential support to victims of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, and homicide or other violent crimes. ACCESS advocates meet with clients where the client is in Boone, Greene, Marshall, Story, and Tama counties. 

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: LUNA

    Provides a 24 hour crisis line for victims (men, women, children) of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Individual counseling, support groups, court advocacy, safety planning, community groups, referrals and domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy training.

  • Exhale Project, The

    Agency: Exhale Project, The

    Offers Trauma informed yoga for survivors of sexual violence and other traumas. Provides a safe space where survivors can find healing and/or tools to manage symptoms of trauma. Non offending family/friends and social service providers may also attend.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: DOVES Program, The

    Services for victims of domestic, dating, sexual violence, and stalking.

    24-hour crisis line provides access to DOVES services, direct advocacy, and safety planning; collect calls accepted.

    Short term emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

    Emergency financial assistance opportunities ...

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Rape/Domestic Abuse Program

    Emergency shelter available short term to survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

    Support groups for adults and children affected by abuse; call for times and location.

    Assistance with protection orders and referrals for financial and material assistance.

    Community educator provides education on violence, ...

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