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  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Cass County Memorial Hospital

    Hospital.Meals on Wheels.Behavioral Health services, both inpatient and outpatient.Monthly outpatient clinics.Alzheimer's support group.

  • Transitional Residential Services

    Agency: Transitions Mental Health Services

    Residential facility (16 beds) provides supported transitional housing for persons needing assistance with developing/improving the skills they need to successfully live independently in the community. Residents are responsible for own transportation, food, and meal prep.

  • Residential Services

    Agency: CenterPointe, Inc.

    Adult Co-occurring Disorders Residential Treatment Program offers transitional housing and residential treatment for adults 19 and over with co-occurring severe and persistent mental illness and substance dependence.  Services include individual, group, and family counseling; recreational therapy; case management; and psychiatric services.  Expecte...

  • Corrections Services

    Agency: Woodward Academy

    WOODWARD ACADEMY, a non-profit organization that was established in 1995, is a residential treatment facility for male youth. All programs are aimed at redirecting delinquent, negative behaviors to positive, socially acceptable patterns. Specific programs include:COMMUNITY RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM serves male students 12-17 years of age; the length of s...

  • Marion Specialized Delinquency Beds

    Agency: Four Oaks Family & Children’s Services

    A specialized residential treatment program for delinquent adolescents. All residents are adjudicated delinquent or are adjudicated CINA (child in need of assistance) in response to serious anti-social behavior.

  • Mental Wellness Inpatient Services

    Agency: Tanager

    Provides inpatient mental health services to children and adolescents.

  • Hospital

    Agency: MercyOne Primghar Medical Center


  • Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Boys Town

    Long term residential placement for youth 10-18 years of age.  Outpatient substance abuse treatment and therapy services available for youth placed in the long-term residential program.Behavioral health services for youth 5-18 years of age depending on the program or service.Volunteer mentoring program for 3rd through 12th grade in math or reading ...

  • Adoption Services - Ames

    Agency: Lutheran Services in Iowa

    LSI is proud to offer service and support to Iowa’s foster and adoptive families. We believe the compassionate people who welcome children into their homes and help them find safe, stable outcomes are Iowa’s true heroes. LSI is a nationally accredited agency, providing services in all 99 counties of Iowa and over 20 locations throughout the state.

  • Bryan Counseling Center

    Agency: Bryan Medical Center West Campus

    Psychologists and therapists with specialized training work with children, adolescents, adults, and families.  Offers treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship issues, adjusting to life changes and many other areas including the shock, anger, grief, and other emotions than can accompany a medical diagnosis or chronic health condition (health ...

  • Residential Treatment Facility

    Agency: Young House Family Services

    Provides treatment services for at-risk adolescents and their families which require a structured treatment environment and a school program for disruptive and aggressive students.

  • Psychiatric Inpatient Program

    Agency: Robert Young Mental Health Center

    Acute care hospitalization setting for crisis management intervention and stabilization of psychiatric emergencies. Short-term care with linkage to the least restrictive care environment is the primary goal. Treatment services are delivered in a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, behavio...

  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

    Behavioral Health Services are available to treat children, adolescents, and adults with mental health needs. Specially trained UI Behavioral Health experts provide behavioral, cognitive, and psychiatric diagnoses and treatment throughout the continuum of life.

  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: UnityPoint Health - St Luke's

    Services include inpatient and outpatient mental health services for adults with mental illnesses.

  • Behavioral Health Services Unit

    Agency: Mary Lanning Healthcare

    Subacute inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults; voluntary, evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms of psychiatric disorders and co-occuring disorders.Emergency protective custody for those age 19 and over, involuntary. Evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms, initiated by law enforcement personnel in Region 3.Day psychiatric program, adu...

  • Inpatient Mental Health Services

    Agency: Mental Health Crisis Center of Lancaster County

    Short term inpatient stabilization (average length of stay 7 days) to acutely mentally ill persons in crisis who require emergency protective custody and psychiatric supervision.  Priority is given to persons in the Region V service area.

  • Behavioral Health Unit

    Agency: Regional West Medical Center

    Psychiatric inpatient and day programs for adults, adolescents, and children.

  • Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Mental Health Services

    Agency: MercyOne - Des Moines

    Offers intensive outpatient mental health services for adolescents. A multidisciplinary team of child and adolescent psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, case managers and substance abuse counselors work together to identify the child/adolescents needs and builds a treatment program based on those needs. 

  • Inpatient Mental Health Services

    Agency: CHI Health Behavioral Health

    Inpatient unit for those in acute psychiatric crisis, which may include an acute psychosis or to prevent harm to him/herself or others.  The goal is to stabilize and then help the patient transition to a lower level of care once their thoughts, mood, behaviors have stabilized via medication management or through individual and/or group therapies.

  • Inpatient Psychiatric Services

    Agency: Genesis Health System

    Inpatient psychiatric services for adults and children ages 8-17; voluntary or involuntary referrals can be made 24 hours a day. 

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