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  • Senior Outreach Counseling

    Agency: Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Service

    Offers senior's an In-home health/mental health assessment, in-home mental health treatment, case management, and referrals to appropriate community resources. The Outreach Team consists of clinical social workers and a consulting psychiatrist to provide appropriate support services.

  • Behavioral Health Services Unit

    Agency: Mary Lanning Healthcare

    Subacute inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults; voluntary, evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms of psychiatric disorders and co-occuring disorders.

    Emergency protective custody for those age 19 and over, involuntary.  Evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms, initiated by law enforcement personnel in Region 3.


  • Mental Health and Recovery Services

    Agency: Hope Haven Inc.

    Hope Haven, Inc provides a variety of Mental Health Services on a continuum of care including Key to Success and Peer Support Services.

  • Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: YSS

    Provides children and families experiencing behavioral and mental health issues in-house staff for counseling and therapy services, evaluation, assessment, and diagnosis.

  • Mental Health Services - Newton

    Agency: Capstone Behavioral Health Care

    CAPSTONE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CARE offers mental health services that includes individual therapy for ages 5 and up, as well as psychiatric services for all ages.

  • Mental Health Services - Grinnell

    Agency: Capstone Behavioral Health Care

    CAPSTONE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CARE offers mental health services that includes individual therapy for ages 5 and up, as well as psychiatric services for all ages.

  • Integrated Health Home

    Agency: Capstone Behavioral Health Care

    Integrated Health Program has staff that helps provide whole-person, patient-centered, coordinated medical, behavioral and social support services for Medicaid eligible adults with mental illness.The Integrated Health Program is a free service for those who qualify. The program is designed to improve access to care; improve the overall health care ...

  • Community Response Services

    Agency: Family Service Association of Lincoln

    Provides support, advocacy, and real time action with families who find themselves needing assistance with parenting, work, food, housing, social and emotional support and other real life issues.

  • Home Care Services

    Agency: Western Illinois Home Health Care

    Home health care services including registered nurses, certified nurses aides, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, social services, psychiatric home health nursing, 24-hour availability including weekends and holidays, direct Medicare billing, insurance billing, and Medicare certified.

    Home services through the affiliate agency...

  • Outpatient Mental Health Services

    Agency: Stepping Stone Family Services

    Offers outpatient mental health therapy which involves talking with a trained professional about conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to relationship conflicts and career frustrations. Therapy provides ways to express feelings, understand patterns of thinking, gain perspective on past events and current relationships, set goals, and clari...

  • Behavioral Health Intervention Services

    Agency: Stepping Stone Family Services

    Offers Behavioral Health Intervention Services where a counselor uses interventions designed to improve the individual's level of functioning as it relates to a mental illness. These interventions may include: behavior management, relationship skills, communication skills, and problem solving skills. Counselor also provides family assistance, which...

  • Community Services

    Agency: Optimae LifeServices - Central Iowa Region

    OPTIMAE LIFESERVICES offers the following Community Services:

    HOME AND COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES (HCBS) provides services for adults with intellectual or mental disabilities, a qualifying brain injury or handicapping condition. Individualized support is provided in the clients home or other community-based settings and is available 24 hou...

  • Integrated Health Program

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    INTEGRATED HEALTH PROGRAM - CSA’s Integrated Health Program provides whole health coordinated care for youth and adult, age 14 and older, with a serious mental illness or serious emotional disturbance who are Medicaid eligible. This program is designed to address the unique mental health, physical, and social needs of young people and their familie...

  • Knowledge Empowers Youth (KEY)

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS YOUTH program utilizes a team approach to provide “wrap-around” support services to young adults, 17 ½ -25 years of age, who have a Mental Illness.
    This program is designed to assist individuals transitioning from the youth service system to the adult service system. It focuses on developing skills and increasing self-suffic...

  • Integrated Services

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    INTEGRATED SERVICES CSA's integrated services utilizes a team approach to provide “wrap-around” support services to adults with disabilities. It is designed for individuals with multiple areas of support needs who have a Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, or other Developmental Disability.
    The program blends Medicaid funding and county r...

  • Service Coordination

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    SERVICE COORDINATION - CSA offers service coordination, persons in this program may or may not be eligible for Medicaid. Those served in this program are generally in need of long-term residential support or are in need of minimal community based services. 

  • Mental Health Services-Marshalltown

    Agency: Lutheran Services in Iowa

    Helps youth with behavioral or mental health issues improve their behavior by building skills.

  • Mental Health Services - Charles City

    Agency: Lutheran Services in Iowa

    Helps youth with behavioral or mental health issues improve their behavior by building skills. An LSI professional can visit your home and teach skills such as anger management, coping, decision-making, communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution and relationship-building.

  • Psychotherapy Services

    Agency: OMNI Inventive Care

    Therapy services offered at the office or within the home to best meet the needs of the client. The intensity and duration of treatment varies substantially depending on the presenting problems or difficulties. Therapists may assist with various difficulties, including family issues associated with raising youth with severe behavioral problems, agg...

  • Community Treatment Aide

    Agency: OMNI Inventive Care

    Supportive and psycho-educational interventions provided primarily in the youth's natural environment.  Services are expected to improve the youth's level of functioning within their environment and to enhance the caregiver's ability to manage the youth's symptoms related to their mental health or substance abuse diagnoses.  This services is delive...

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