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  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

    FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION'S jurisdiction covers all radio transmitters including broadcasting, land mobile, amateur, and citizens band services. Also have information for self-help in solving interference problems to home entertainment equipment. For further information contact FCC.

  • Consumer Protection

    Agency: Nebraska Attorney General's Office - Consumer Protection Division

    Consumer protection related educational information useful to consumers dealing with companies utilizing deceptive business practices such as fraud, identity theft, and senior fraud.Complaints can be registered against particular sellers of goods and services.Consumer mediation.Presentations to the community on fraud, identity theft, senior citizen...

  • Finances of Caregiving

    Agency: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

    When you understand possible financial solutions for care of a loved one, you and your family can make the best decisions for their care. As your family plans together, be sure to look at financial solutions that protect the financial future of the caregiver. We'll guide you through the steps of finding and collecting needed information and share t...

  • Consumer Credit Counseling

    Agency: Horizons A Family Service Alliance

    Offers budget counseling, debt management and financial education classes. Curriculum includes Money in Motion, Checks and Balances, and Bankruptcy Education.

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: US Food and Drug Administration

    Product regulation and consumer education for food, drugs, medical devices, biologics, animal feed and drugs, cosmetics, and radiation-emitting products.

  • Government Information Lines

    Agency: USAGov

    Single point of contact for those who have questions about federal agencies, programs, and services.Information and referrals regarding federal government offices and services.Government publications, free or low cost, on Social Security, medical, consumer, and elderly issues.

  • Safety Education

    Agency: Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau

    GOVERNOR'S TRAFFIC SAFETY BUREAU works to reduce injuries and fatalities on Iowa roadways by encouraging child restraint and safety belt use, as well as discouraging drinking and/while driving or using electronic communication devices.

  • Smart Choice: Health Insurance

    Agency: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

    In the changing world of health insurance, understanding your options enables you to make the best choice for your situation.Confused about which health insurance plan is best for your family? Would you like to maximize the value of your health insurance? You’ll learn how to be a smart health insurance consumer, whether choosing a policy or making ...

  • Your Money Your Future: Making Ends Meet

    Agency: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

    Life is not about money — but how you deal with money has a huge impact on your quality of life, your family’s life, and the life of your community. When you have sound information and strong skills, you can make your money work for you and for your future. Learn how to get more for your money and how to save money for your financial goals. The You...

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Better Business Bureau, Inc

    Reliability reports on businesses and charitable organizations.General consumer education.Resolution of customer complaints.Speakers Bureau.24 hour reports available through a voice response system.

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