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  • Social Security Administration

    Agency: Social Security Administration - Kansas City Region

    Assists people with claims for benefits under the following: Social Security Retirement; Survivors, Disability, or Medicare Insurance Programs; Supplemental Security Income Program of Assistance to Aged, Blind, or Disabled Persons with limited income and resources; and the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act. 

  • Social Security Administration

    Agency: Social Security Administration - Southern Iowa

    SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION - CRESTON offers retirement, disability and survivor's benefits, supplemental security income for the aged, blind and disabled, Medicare application and applications for social security cards. PAYMENTS can be made to individuals using direct deposit ( or a prepaid debit card (

  • Social Security Administration

    Agency: Social Security Administration

    SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION - DES MOINES is a Federal office responsible for the administration of the Social Security, Medicare, Supplemental Security Income, and Black Lung Programs. SOCIAL SECURITY retirement, disability and survivor's benefits.SUPPLEMENTAL SECURITY INCOME for the aged, blind and disabled.APPLY FOR MEDICARE and/or MEDICARE EN...

  • Social Security Administration

    Agency: Social Security Administration - Northern and Eastern Iowa

    Assists clients concerns or issues on receiving aid and retirement benefits, survivor benefits, social security, disability, Medicare, SSI.


    Agency: Iowa Insurance Division

    SHIIP provides information and assistance to people on Medicare. Trained, knowledgeable staff and volunteers provide one-on-one counseling and information about Medicare and other health insurance options depending on individual circumstances.LOCATIONS in Polk County:PEER Advocate Program (515) 286-3679,WDM Methodist Church (515) 279-0826,IA Luther...

  • Medicare

    Agency: Medicare Rights Center

    Free phone counseling services about Medicare issues.

  • Medicare Discharge Appeals

    Agency: Livanta, LLC

    If Medicare services are ending too soon, an appeal can be filed by calling Livanta’s HelpLine for the patients designated state. Once Livanta receives the phone call about the appeal, they will call the patients’ health care provider to request their medical records. Once that is received, the Livanta physician reviewer will review the record and ...

  • Quality of Care Complaints

    Agency: Livanta, LLC

    If a patient is not happy with the quality of care they received, they have a right to file a complaint. Livanta will review the complaint and a Livanta Physician Reviewer will determine if mistakes were made or determine if the patient received poor quality healthcare.

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