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  • Courts - Mental Health Division

    Agency: Clerk of the District Court

     Clerk of the District Court, Mental Health Division assists with process of securing involuntary hospitalization of the mentally ill or those with substance abuse issues. Respondent is given a copy of signed application when they are taken into custody. Respondent is given a copy of signed application when they are taken into custody. Persons sign...

  • County Attorney

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Elected public prosecutor for Lancaster County prosecutes those who are accused by the police of violating the state criminal code.  In order to file a criminal case the prosecutor must believe there is sufficient evidence of the accused's guilt to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.Advises county elected officials on legal matters, conducts...

  • Behavioral Health Services Unit

    Agency: Mary Lanning Healthcare

    Subacute inpatient psychiatric treatment for adults; voluntary, evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms of psychiatric disorders and co-occuring disorders.Emergency protective custody for those age 19 and over, involuntary.  Evaluation and treatment of acute symptoms, initiated by law enforcement personnel in Region 3.Day psychiatric program, ad...

  • Inpatient Mental Health Services

    Agency: Mental Health Crisis Center of Lancaster County

    Short term inpatient stabilization (average length of stay 7 days) to acutely mentally ill persons in crisis who require emergency protective custody and psychiatric supervision.  Priority is given to persons in the Region V service area.

  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

    Agency: CHI Health Good Samaritan

    Psychiatric and behavioral health facility..Access Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for admission or other inquiries.  When contacting the Access Center by phone or walking in, individuals are first evaluated by a mental health professional who will identify presenting problems.  After consultation with a psychiatrist, potentia...

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

    Agency: Region II Human Services

    Outpatient therapy and counseling for individuals and families, in addition to medication management and substance abuse evaluations.Arm in Arm, Aiding Recovering Moms is a program for pregnant and/or parenting women who also have problems with substance abuse.Substance abuse recovery planning coordinates schools, employers, family, and recovering ...

  • Involuntary Mental Health Commitment

    Agency: Douglas County Offices

    Filing of mental health board petitions for involuntary commitment to a mental health hospital.-The patient must be dangerous as well as mentally ill.-There must be an overt act of dangerousness to the patient or to someone else occurring within the last three months.-There must be information establishing mental illness.-Subject must be found in D...

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