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  • Diversion Services

    Agency: Sarpy County Offices

    Provides education and rehabilitative services to first time DUI/DWI offenders in Sarpy County.Juvenile Intake Diversion Services provide education classes and rehabilitative services for first time juvenile offenders.Alcohol and drug prevention and education.Teen Court program - trial by peers for first time juvenile offenders.

  • Educational Classes

    Agency: National Safety Council, Nebraska

    Making Appropriate Decisions deals with juveniles beginning to get into trouble with schools, family, and community.  Adult life reality program.  Alcohol education.  DUI offender education class.  Anger management classes for adults.  Defensive driving classes for adults and juveniles.  Babysitting class for 11-15 year olds.  First Aid and CPR.  O...

  • Education and Prevention

    Agency: YSS

    We provide prevention, education, and early intervention programs for youth and families through community partnerships by offering before and after school programs, summer enrichment programs, adolescent pregnancy prevention, substance use prevention, child abuse prevention, youth employment and development, mentoring, family nest, Family Developm...

  • Families and Schools Together

    Agency: Western Community Health Resources

    Eight week program for the prevention of substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, school failure, child abuse and neglect, mental health problems, and violence.  FAST consists of a team of community members (teachers, community partners, parents, and volunteers) who run the program each week.

  • Community Health Improvement Initiative

    Agency: Buffalo County Community Partners

    The five strategic directions for Buffalo County include High Impact Prevention Services (decrease substance and alcohol misuse, increase number of adults reporting Alzheimer’s and dementia), Eliminate Health Disparities (increase number of adults with health insurance and decrease barriers to health care), Healthy Eating and Active Living (increas...

  • Girls Group

    Agency: Sky Ranch Behavioral Services

    Girls Group will be held in the Sky Ranch office weekly. Problem solving group will educate the clients on social skills, communication skills, sexuality, drugs and alcohol intervention, anger management skills, family skill development, money management, etc.

  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Victim Support

    Agency: MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)

    Advocates for victims' rights, provides emotional support for victims and their families, and assists victims through the criminal court process.Victim support.Public education and awareness (school speakers, health fairs, country fairs, town hall meetings).Volunteers monitor court cases.Partners with law enforcement agencies to ensure life-saving ...

  • Education Services

    Agency: Kearney Public Schools

    Public school district offices for Pre K-12 schools.DRUG and Alcohol Free Youth program (DAFY).Tobacco awareness and voluntary cessation group for students.Tean-net assists pregnant teens and teen parents and encourages them to stay in school.Friendship School / Student Friendship Program is a puppet program to promote better understanding and acce...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

    3/22/21 Covid-19 Update: DHHS Statewide Covid-19 Vaccination updates and registration:Go to for all DHHS vaccination resources and links. To register for Vaccine Eligibility Updates online visit To call to sign up for Vaccine Eligibility via phone, call (833) 998-2...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: North Central District Health Department

    3/22/21 Covid-19 Update: you qualify for the Phase 1A priority group, take the appropriate survey on the County Health Department's website.If you are unable to make a 2nd dose appointment, take the appropriate survey on the County Health Department's website.All others register through the state portal; details bel...

  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Charles Drew Health Center, Inc

    Health clinic offering the following services:Adult medicinePediatrics, including well child, physicals (school, sports and camp), immunizations, acute careOB/GYN services, such as pap smears, breast and cervical cancer screening, etc.Family planningNutrition and WIC programHealth promotion and disease preventionSocial work, case managementMental h...

  • Youth Diversion

    Agency: Owens Educational Services

    Program components include but not limited to behavior modification, educational tutoring, community service activities, tours, employment preparation and social skill development.  Transportation provided to and from program.Alcohol and drug education, a diversionary program emphasizes the consequences and effects of alcohol and drug use.  Class i...

  • Outpatient Clinical Services

    Agency: Behavioral Health Specialists, Inc.

    Counseling for individuals, couples, and families.Substance abuse services including alcohol and drug evaluations, intensive outpatient program, aftercare services, and an education class.Psychological assessment.Psychiatric services including evaluation and medication management (tele-psychiatry only).Employee assistance program.

  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Support

    Agency: Area Substance and Alcohol Abuse Prevention

    Prevention programs to prevent alcohol and drug use, violence, and other risky behaviors among youth.Teaches methods for improving family relationships.  Issues discussed include effective discipline, understanding feelings, expectations, rewards and punishments, and active listening.Education and prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.Inf...

  • Outpatient Mental Health

    Agency: Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, Inc.

    Counseling can help strengthen your family, develop your relationships and prevent small problems from getting out of control. Individual, family and group therapists assess and treat everything from everyday stress to chronic mental health disorders.Outpatient substance use disorder services are available for persons who have used drugs or alcohol...

  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Support

    Agency: New Opportunities, Inc.

    Level I outpatient substance abuse treatment and evaluations.

  • Substance Abuse Services - Ankeny

    Agency: UCS Healthcare

    UNITED COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC provides Outpatient and other treatment services, assessments and referrals for all addictions. Relapse prevention and continuing care groups, women's gender specific group treatment, Spanish language treatment services and drug screenings. Also offers Methadone maintenance and treatment services.

  • Substance Abuse Services - Des Moines

    Agency: UCS Healthcare

    UNITED COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC provides Outpatient and other treatment services, assessments and referrals for all addictions. Relapse prevention and continuing care groups, women's gender specific group treatment, Spanish language treatment services and drug screenings. Also offers Methadone maintenance and treatment services.

  • Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Services

    Agency: Community and Family Resources

    Substance use treatment services including assessment, individual counseling, group counseling, support groups, and education

  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

    Agency: Region II Human Services

    Outpatient therapy and counseling for individuals and families, in addition to medication management and substance abuse evaluations.Arm in Arm, Aiding Recovering Moms is a program for pregnant and/or parenting women who also have problems with substance abuse.Substance abuse recovery planning coordinates schools, employers, family, and recovering ...

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