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  • Legal Services - Restorative Justice Division

    Agency: Polk County Attorney's Office

    POLK COUNTY RESTORATIVE JUSTICE CENTER offers Polk County residents several programs if they qualify as an alternative to the justice system.MEDIATION is a confidential and "out-of-court" procedure which gives parties involved in a dispute a chance to meet and, with the help of a mediator, reach a resolution or agreement.TRUANCY COURT PROGRAM is a ...

  • Negotiations Program

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Agriculture

    Offers farmers and ranchers mediation as an effective means to resolve agricultural disputes. The mediation process maintains confidentiality, fosters positive relationships, allows participants a voice in the solution and is cost effective.Free one-on-one clinics are held monthly at various sites throughout Nebraska. Professionals provide educatio...

  • Parent Help

    Agency: Child Find of America, Inc.

    Works to locate missing children through active investigation, to prevent child abduction through education, and resolve parental conflicts over child support, custody, access and visitation through mediation. Child Find registers missing children, collects and distributes information about them, counsels pre-registering parents, and advises parent...

  • Mediation

    Agency: Mediation West

    Creates pathways of constructive dialogue for conflict prevention and resolution through the processes of mediation, facilitation and education. Provides progressive, empowering, and creative approaches to preventing, addressing and resolving conflict and making effective decisions.Offers mediation for any disputes, including those between consumer...

  • Joint Parenting Sessions (Mediation) and Neutral Exchanges

    Agency: Kids First Law Center

    Professional joint parenting sessions focus on helping parents find common ground and resolve issues related to custody, parenting, and visitation. When joint sessions between parents are not appropriate or agreed-upon, Kids First can work with parents separately towards the goals of reducing parental conflict, improving parental communication and ...

  • Discrimination Assistance

    Agency: Offutt AFB Equal Opportunity Office

    Handles complaints of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment.Human relations education.Mediation for any level of conflict resolution.Team building exercises.

  • Mediation Services

    Agency: Resolution Center, The

    Mediation Services:a. Family (divorce,child custody/visitation, parenting plans)b. Intergenerational issues (elder care - daily or long term care, guardianship/powerof attorney, financial issues, visitation of grandchildren)c. Restorative justice - victim/offenderd. Business and Consumer matterse. Employment and work place concernsf. Landlord/Tenan...

  • Mediation

    Agency: Central Mediation Center

    Mediation for dispute settlement, such as divorce, child custody, small claims, consumer business, tenant/landlord, estate settlement and planning, debt, etc.Elder mediation with families of elderly to make decisions.Juvenile parole/probation mediation when conflict in the youth's life increases the risk of further law violation or incarceration.Of...

  • Mediation

    Agency: Mediation Center, The

    Dispute resolution professionals assist individuals and families in reaching mutually acceptable agreements to resolve conflict through the use of mediation.  Cases most often mediated include parenting plans, divorce settlements, neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, business and consumer matters, educational concerns, work-plac...

  • Mediation Services

    Agency: Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa

    Oversees court-connected mediation programs, including Sixth Judicial District Family Mediation Program and Johnson Small Claims Mediation Program. Can provide information on court process, but not legal advice. See website Provides restorative justice and circle processes in specific cases/situations by request or referral. Provid...

  • Conflict Resolution

    Agency: Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

    A private, confidential, cooperative and voluntary process in which an impartial team helps individuals resolve and settle issues.

  • Mediation Services

    Agency: Nebraska Mediation Center

    Mediation for all types of situations.Family mediation for family and juvenile matters, divorce and post divorce matters, parenting act plans.Business mediation for employer/employee, intra-organizational conflict, business and consumer matters.Community mediation for cross-cultural disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, neighbor and community dispute...

  • Mediation Services

    Agency: Concord Mediation Center

    Schedules meetings with disputing parties in safe, neutral, barrier-free settings.Examples of parties the agency works with: families experiencing the crisis of divorce to reach peaceful custody and parenting agreements juvenile offenders, to see the harm caused by their crimes, rebuild trust and reduce recidivism neighbors facing property disputes...

  • Mediation Services

    Agency: Iowa Mediation Service

    IOWA MEDIATION SERVICE provides statewide conflict prevention services through mediation, facilitation, arbitration, training and counseling. Disputes can include, but not limited to, farmer/creditor, farmer nuisance suits, livestock care and feeding contract disputes, family and divorce issues, public policy cases, and community-wide issues. Truan...

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

    Agency: Iowa Center for Children's Justice

    Offers the following dispute resolution services: Mediation - Mediation can be a less expensive alternative to litigation. Typically mediation occurs between both parents and a neutral mediator.  Parenting Coordination - Parenting coordination is a child-centered option for resolving common or day-to-day conflicts between divorced parents. Not only...

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