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  • Accessline®

    Agency: Legal Aid of Nebraska

    Accessline provides free legal advice, brief service and representation to low-income people on areas such as: consumer law, family law, housing law, public benefits, disability benefits, employment/unemployment, public benefits, clearing a criminal history and educational rights.After contacting one of the hotlines, cases may be referred to Legal ...

  • Legal Services

    Agency: Iowa Legal Aid

    Free legal assistance with civil legal problems involving basic necessities for low-income individuals in all 99 Iowa counties.  Assistance ranges from providing counsel and advice to representation before various agencies and courts.Community legal education presentations offered, as well as over 20 printed booklets on various legal topics; a wide...

  • Davis County Clerk of the Court

    Agency: Davis County Offices

    Manages and maintains all trial court records; process fines, fees, and court costs owed to the state; child support checks and civil judgments owned to litigants; and maintain record of liens on property.

  • County Attorney

    Agency: Lancaster County Offices

    Elected public prosecutor for Lancaster County prosecutes those who are accused by the police of violating the state criminal code.  In order to file a criminal case the prosecutor must believe there is sufficient evidence of the accused's guilt to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.Advises county elected officials on legal matters, conducts...

  • Legal Services

    Agency: Legal Aid Society of Story County

    Provides legal representation in civil cases for low-income eligible Story County residents including: Civil Protective Orders (Domestic, Sexual, and Elder Abuse) Dissolution of Marriage Child Custody Child Support Visitation Will Power of Attorney Paternity Guardianship Conservatorship Debtor/Creditor Landlord/Tenant Unemployment Benefits Appeals

  • Child Support Services

    Agency: Illinois Department of Human Services - Rock Island County

    Aassistance to custodial and non-custodial parents by establishing paternity and establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support obligations to strengthen families emotionally and financially.

  • Child Support Payment Division

    Agency: Polk County Courthouse - Des Moines

    Handles child support payments and records in Polk County. Can also send required Child Support Payments to one of the Child Support Recovery Unit collection centers of the Iowa Department of Human Services. Visit the website to find local collection centers.

  • Child Support Services

    Agency: Hall County Offices

    Child Support Enforcement Unit enforces and/or establishes child support orders, medical support for minor children.Monitors the collection of payments made by the absent parent, if necessary. No custody or visitation issues.

  • Child Support Services

    Agency: Meskwaki Nation

    Will provide a collaborative platform to address child support matters in an environment of respect, honesty, humility, and compassion.

  • Child Support Services-Douglas County

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Assistance to establish paternity and child support orders, and to collect child support payments.

  • Child Support Recovery Unit

    Agency: Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

    Child Support Recovery Unit is a program to assist (both public assistance and non-public assistance) families with child support recovery.

  • Child Support Enforcement

    Agency: Child Support Recovery Unit - Iowa DHS

    A program to assist (both public assistance and non-public assistance) families with child support recovery. Provisions for absent parent location and uniform support across state lines.C.S.A.R.U.: Child Support Audio Response System, in the Des Moines area. Twenty-four hour number which provides information on rebate payments, support payments, lo...

  • Child Support Services-State of Nebraska

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Assistance to establish paternity, establish child support orders, and collect child support payments.Voice Reponse Unit provides information regarding:Option 1: Payment Information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekYou must have a Nebraska Court Order number to use this option. If you do not have a Nebraska Court Order number, you will need t...

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