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  • Hawki (Health and Well Kids in Iowa) - Family Health Center

    Agency: North Iowa Community Action Organization

    Provides health insurance for children who meet the guidelines.Depending on the size of the family Hawk-I is from free to no more than $20.00 per month; See belowFamily Size 1 - Up to $21,309 to $38,535Family Size 2 - Up to $28,791 to $52,065Family Size 3 - Up to $36,272 to $65,594Family Size 4 - Up to $43,754 to $79,124Family Size 5 - Up to $51,23...

  • Hawki Outreach

    Agency: Washington County Public Health

    Provides outreach and education to the community about the Iowa state insurance plan for uninsured children through the age of 19 years old.Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa, or Hawki is a health insurance program for children. Hawki serves children throughout the State of Iowa, making sure they receive the medical/dental attention they need so they ca...

  • Medicare

    Agency: Medicare Rights Center

    Free phone counseling services about Medicare issues.

  • Medicare Discharge Appeals

    Agency: Livanta, LLC

    If Medicare services are ending too soon, an appeal can be filed by calling Livanta’s HelpLine for the patients designated state. Once Livanta receives the phone call about the appeal, they will call the patients’ health care provider to request their medical records. Once that is received, the Livanta physician reviewer will review the record and ...

  • Quality of Care Complaints

    Agency: Livanta, LLC

    If a patient is not happy with the quality of care they received, they have a right to file a complaint. Livanta will review the complaint and a Livanta Physician Reviewer will determine if mistakes were made or determine if the patient received poor quality healthcare.

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