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  • Teen Support Services

    Agency: United Action for Youth

    Provides support services to pregnant and parenting teens and their families through home visits with a pediatric nurse practitioner and family support workers. Prenatal and postnatal education, support groups, child development classes, respite child care, case management and advocacy and referral is available.

  • Maternal Health Program

    Agency: Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc.

    MATERNAL HEALTH program offers payment for child birth and/or parenting classes; education about labor, delivery, infant, and self care; referrals to other health care or local community services, including help finding a dentist; presumptive eligibility for Medicaid; help arranging delivery; social assessments and referrals; referrals for family p...

  • Children In The Middle

    Agency: Southwestern Community College

    CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE is a class for divorcing parents and other interested people. Provides education and affirmation for parents and others interested in the welfare of children. Primary focus is on children's needs and parent behavior. A class of this type is required for both parties in dissolution of marriage. May attend class together or sep...

  • The Learning Child

    Agency: University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension

    Provides research-based strategies to support the holistic development of the young child.  Offers information and/or classes about parenting, grandparenting, discipline, child care selection, children and divorce, and money management.  

    Offers online professional development for early childhood professionals.


  • Children in the Middle

    Agency: Eastern Iowa Community Colleges

    Court-mandated program for divorcing parents.

  • Children In The Middle

    Agency: UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

    CHILDREN IN THE MIDDLE is a four hour class providing education and affirmation for parents, with the primary focus on children's needs at all ages. This is required in the state of Iowa. Register for classes online at or call for further assistance. 

  • Transparenting

    Agency: Marriage and Family Counseling Service

    Recommended for parents experiencing situations such as divorce, visitation, change of custody, and/or other domestic relations actions.  The course discusses how to help the children through a difficult time.  Call for days and times of classes and to register.

  • Children In The Middle

    Agency: MercyOne - Des Moines

    A class for divorcing parents with minor children or those going through modification with custody.  Visit website or call Tracy to register for class. 

  • Children in Between Classes

    Agency: Parenting Way, Inc.

    04/08/2020 - COVID-19 Changes:
    Parenting Way is currently not able to hold in-person Parent Education classes and Children in the Middle Classes. We are working on an online class option. There will still be barriers for some. We encourage people to call us or sign up online, so we can keep in touch with them and pr...

  • Parenting Education/Assistance

    Agency: Family Development Associates

    Divorce education program for parents of children facing a change in their living arrangements.

  • Educational Advocacy

    Agency: ASK Resource Center

    ASK RESOURCE CENTER (Access for Special Kids) provides educational advocacy, resources, training and on-on-one guidance for families of students with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.

    LEARNING DISABILITIES ASSOCIATION OF IOWA (LDA-I) - information and resources for children and adults with learning disabilities.

  • Iowa Family Support Network Call Center

    Agency: EveryStep

    4/23/2020 - COVID-19 Changes:
    On Monday, April 27, EveryStep will open a dedicated unit for hospice patients who have COVID-19. The unit will be located in the Bright Kavanagh Center (in the Glazer-Gurt Wing)and will be exclusively available to hospice patients with COVID-19 who need 24/7 care. 

    If the or...

  • Pilot Parents

    Agency: Arc of East Central Iowa, The

    A program where experienced parents of a child with an intellectual or developmental disability are matched with parents who are learning about the challenges of having a child with a disability.

  • Good Beginnings

    Agency: Brodstone Memorial Hospital

    Nurse home visits to educate mothers and families about caring for their newborn.

  • Children's Outreach Program

    Agency: Morrill County Community Hospital

    Provides home visits to new mothers and newborns, health assessments, lactation and feeding help, and other instruction.

  • Pregnancy Services

    Agency: Assure Women's Center

    Pregnancy testing and counseling.  STD testing for Chlamydia and gonorrhea after positive pregnancy test only.  Obstetric ultrasound (limited) after positive pregnancy test.

    Information and referral to social services and medical services.

    Maternity and baby supplies for people enrolled in the program.

    Parenting cla...

  • Pregnancy Services

    Agency: Decatur County Public Health and Home Care

    Offers Breast Feeding Education classes, postpartum care and after delivery visits. 

  • Parenting Education

    Agency: Nebraska Children's Home Society

    8/24/2020 - COVID-19 Update - Offices currently closed to the public

    Fatherhood P³ (Purpose, Presence, Participation) is a father-to-father, community-based program that provides dads of diverse backgrounds with the tools to get involved and stay involved with their children and successfully co...

  • Pregnancy, Adoption, and Parenting Services

    Agency: Nebraska Children's Home Society

    8/24/2020 - COVID-19 Update - Offices currently closed to the public

    Upholding adoption as a positive way of growing families continues to be a core service of the agency. Every member involved in the adoption process has one simple and common goal: putting the needs of the child first, whether...

  • Maternal Health Program

    Agency: Crawford County Home Health, Hospice and Public Health

    Maternal Health Program provides education and support to women both prenatal and postpartum with enhanced teaching. Enhanced services include more intensive care coordination, health education, nutrition and psychosocial services.

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